Rolling Stones of Fire

Andrey Mealey

   A parable is a story that uses ordinary things to explain important truths about life. Beware, Nothing may be as it seems, at your first glance.  Rolling Stones of Fire is a collection of eighty-five parable poems from Andrew Mealey. Give this book to your friend. Read it over and over. Teach it to your children. Remember it when you get discouraged. Discuss Rolling Stones of Fire within your Readers Group or Bible Study.  

  Andrew Mealey is a poetry consultant to Christian denominations. He provides poetry for retreats, worship services, and individual ministries. He has been writing poetry for over 40 years and designs effective verse for diverse topics and current events. Hosting the Barnes & Noble Poetry Group in Burbank, poetry workshops, and being the lay-leader of The Living Poets' Society inspires Andrew with fresh material and insight. A member of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood and a native resident of Los Angeles, he spends his free time with his wife and six children.


themes include:

poetry styles:

Encouragment and Comfort
Friendliness and Kindness
Spiritual Warfare
Mercy and Truth
Benefits of Good Behavior


Hiaku and Hiaku Poems
Poems with Rhyme
Free Verse
Varied Length


1998-1999 Andrew Mealey, All Rights Reserved.


Your smile smiles for me
Holding sweetness without loss
Ice cream for my soul


What You Start

    Finish what you start.
    The ending is apart.
    Fill your life with heart,
    And finish what you


Our Lord stands angry
The Earth melts before His face
My skin feels no heat

Cute Danger

Cute lion cubs play
Baby sleeping, dreams of bliss
Beware the adult

Sand and Rock

House upon the sand
Dampness makes the castle stand.
Beware the suns hot heat,
The wind of winter,
The rise of river to beat
All that's built into splinters.

House upon the rock
Built of stone
Enjoys the warmth.
It sits amidst the storm
Watching river roar.
Peace within. Safely home.


Old tree of life upon the hill
Bent and knarled, but living still:
Full of moments-frozen-time,
Deaf but hearing, sights while blind.
Shelter on the bald sharp rock
Shade in summer, warmth in frost:
Full of birds--squirrels--bugs,
Place of refuge, home of love.




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