Misplaced City

Edward S. Weaver

  The time has come for the stones of the true site of ancient Jericho cried out from the ground, 'When will you believe the scriptures'--'When you find me you will find other things more valuable'. The walls of Jericho came tumbling down 3,400 years ago, but we have recently built new walls of tradition that need to fall.  Jericho, Jericho, how do you prevent us from the truth? Why are you important? You are just a mound of dust, just a vague shadow of the scriptures. 

   This book proves that the current site of Tell es Sultan was never the site of Jericho. Tell es Sultan was merely the equivalent of today's hazardous waste site, a dump site, a graveyard, an unclean place. The actual site of the Biblical city of Jericho is 8 miles North of Tell es Sultan and is surrounded by places of great importance in the early history of Israel. The story of Jericho is not a myth written by well meaning ancient historians to teach trust in God. The factual Biblical account was written to prove the power of God to future generations who could look at the remains of the physical evidence and then trust God. The people who condemn the Biblical record as unreliable are the same ones who have never carefully looked at the Biblical record. They scoff at their own fantasy. The stones of witness will cry out. God has left adequate physical proof of Israel's historical journeys.

Jericho: Ancient World Commercial and Agricultural Center.

          Discover the Truth about Jericho:

               A large commercial city like Chicago or Dallas.
               Wealthy vacation resort.
               Production center for rare foods and healing balms.
               City of religious worship.
               Impregnable city wall.
               Midway between Egypt and Babylon.
               A cursed city.
               Similar to Jerusalem.
               8 Miles North of Tell es Sultan

   Feel the exciting proof of the awesome actions of God 3,400 years ago, and look forward to a display of His glory in our generation. 

   Explore the history and geography of Jericho in scripture.

   Was Tell es Sultan nothing more than a county dump and graveyard?  Finally, a book that carefully describes the first site conquered by Joshua.  Many archeologists consider the Bible an unreliable source for finding ancient sites within Israel.  This book speaks the truth.

   This book will help you re-think the traditional and popular views of Biblical Geography and Archeology.  Scholarship and faith will always produce visible evidence of the history of God's people. Discover God's record of a powerful border city that drank from the full cup of God's judgment.

   Use this book as a geographical reference atlas when you read about the conquest of the Promised Land in the Bible. Order similar books from NorRem Publishing and complete your library of biblical cities.


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