Last Exodus

Andrew Mealey

   When God's people exited from Egypt, He not only saved His people but He destroyed the Nation that didn't let His people leave. There will soon be an Exodus from every Nation on the Earth. God will again rescue His people and destroy the Nations who refuse to let them leave. The first Exodus consisted of all the tribes of Israel (including the tribe of Judah), this next Exodus will consist of 'all who call upon the name of the Lord' and trust in Him as their Savior and God (not just the Jews).

   This book reveals the scriptural basis for an amazing event in earth's history more powerful than the first Exodus, nearly on a scale with Noah's flood. Governments of the world will topple, economies will be weakened, national boundaries will change, and Nuclear weapons will be obsolete. This book proposes an expanded Promised Land where peace is prevalent in the midst of a world in chaos. The traditional ways of providing for financial security will become useless and great wealth will not be enough. This book will reveal the treasures in our hearts that will endure through travail.

   Discover what the Bible says about:

               Discover of the Buried Temple of Solomon
               Political Kingdom of God Re-Established on the Earth
               Re-Appearance of the Pillar of Fire and Smoke
               The Vision of Dry Bones
               God's Two Prophets
               World War III
               The Job Description of the 144,000
               Discovery of The Ancient Altar of Witness
               Enlargement of The Promised Land
               The only Safe Haven on Earth
               A Near Extintion Level Comet

   Don't Worry.   Be Prepared.   Learn how to survive World War III.  God's Awesome Power is Coming! 

   This book will make you re-think the traditional and popular views of the End Times. It will challenge your current paradigm of eschatology, and comfort your mind. Read what God has said, not what self proclaimed 'experts' have invented.

   Use this book as a reference when studying the 'New World Order', the beast called Greece, the Two Witnesses, and the Kingdom of God.


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