Jericho County

Edward S. Weaver

   In Sunday School most teachers quickly pass over the importance of the city of Jericho and the surrounding area in order to focus on the amazing story of the walls falling down. If we carefully look into the other events that surrounded the city of Jericho, then we can see an accurate picture of its importance to God's people during their first 350-500 years in the Promised Land. The United States is merely 222 years old. Our Capitol has been in the same place since the beginning. What if 128-378 years from now we were forced to move or rebuild our Capitol after a Nuclear War destroyed all the government buildings? What if the restored Congress chose a more centrally located city within the borders of our country like Dallas, Texas?

   This is what happened to God's people. King David chose Jerusalem after the destruction of Gilgal and the County of Jericho. When they moved the Capitol they began to forget the provision and the promises of God that were evidenced in stone and part of the physical landscape. The purpose of this book is to bring the excitement of these abandoned events and places into view for our generation, to see the awesome power of God, while rebuilding a foundation of belief in a God who provides for His people. Experience the original places of God's deliverance and worship, before God's punishment and the destruction of His first dwelling place.

Jericho County: Ancient World Commercial and Agricultural Center.

          Discover what the Bible says about:

               Jordan Forde
               Ebal & Gerizim
               12 Stones of the Law
               Tomb of Achan
               Valley of Achor
               Route of the Conquest

Feel the exciting proof of the awesome actions of God 3,400 years ago, and look forward to His majesty in our generation.

Find out where these places belong, and their importance in understanding our history.

Most current archeologists believe the Bible is a unreliable source for documenting ancient sites within Israel!  Jericho County will help you re-think the traditional and popular views of Biblical Geography and Archeology. Scholarship and faith will always produce visible evidence of the history of God's people. Find God's record in special 'witness stones' and city ruins that He left for us to experience with our own eyes.

Use Jericho County as a geographical reference atlas when you are studying the history and provision of God's people. Scripture will be easy to follow when you have these sites within your reach. Order similar books from NorRem Publishing and complete your library of biblical cities.


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