Future Sight

Andrew Mealey

   Future Sight proposes a new paradigm of Biblical prophecy as we enter the new Millennium. Time lines have caused bitter divisions in the Body of Christ, where denominations have different beliefs about the future of God's people. This book refuses to be caught up in this controversy instead focusing on the important events which are carefully defined by scripture. The author also brings clarity to the descriptions of the major players (entities, beasts, and individuals).

   It is an excellent reference for understanding prophetic scripture, 'testing' spirits, and conducting spiritual warfare. These three topics (each with it's own appendix) determine our current way of living, and the way we prepare for the future.

   Future Sight will be a valued resource for every seeker of truth. While this book is primarily directed to Christians it is suited to New Age seekers who can judge its truth alongside their current knowledge. This book will help you to sharpen your beliefs and to decide if they are trustworthy under challenge.

Discover what the Bible says about:

               The 'Mark' of the Beast.
               Jews Returning to Israel.
               Antichrists and False-Prophets.
               God's Two Witnesses.
               The Wrath of God.
               Fallen Angels.
               Multiple Economic Collapses.
               Demons from the Abyss.
               The only Safe Haven on Earth.
               The Almost Final Battle.

  chapter breakdown

Chapter 1:  The End is Near!

Chapter 2:  Who Comes First?

Chapter 3:  God Starts to Clean House

Chapter 4:  Fear or Hope?

Chapter 5:  Let My People Go

Chapter 6:  War In Heaven

Chapter 7:  The Dragon Beast

Chapter 8:  The Beast from the Abyss

Chapter 9:  The Earth Beast

Chapter 10:  Image of the Beast from Abyss

Chapter 11:  The Great Harlot

Chapter 12:  Mistaken Identities

Chapter 13:  #666: Economic Destruction

Chapter 14:  Past Fulfillment of Prophecy?

Chapter 15:Two Groups of People

Chapter 16:  The Death of Two Prophets

Chapter 17:  The War of Hamon-Gog

Chapter 18:   Eternal: Life or Death?

Appendix A:  Interpreting Prophetic Scripture

Appendix B:  Choosing God

Appendix C:  Testing Spirits

Appendix D:  Spiritual Warfare

Appendix E:  Timeline and Authors Assumptions


Future Sight clearly defines all the major players in these Last Days!

Tired of hearing how the Mighty (ex) Soviet Union will invade Israel in the coming weeks?  Well you should be! Read this book and find out the truth.  Learn how to correctly judge and understand prophetic scripture. 

Future Sight will make you re-think the traditional and popular views of the End Times. It will challenge your current paradigms of eschatology, and set your mind free from fear. Read what God has said, not what self proclaimed 'experts' have invented.

          Learn how to fight a spiritual war
          Learn how to 'test' spirits.

Use this book as a reference when you are studying the Beasts, Great Harlot, the Antichrist, and the Two Witnesses. Find out for yourself. You are able. Do it!


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