Fly Into the Sun

Andrey Mealey

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   Seventy-seven poems from Andrew Mealey! 

  With violence, political upheavals, and despair filling the pages of local and international newspapers, there is need for a moral, ethical, encouraging insights. Fly Into the Sun inspires average people and prepares them to respond quickly and appropriately to changes in neighborhoods, political environments, and racial or economic intolerance.  Give this book to a friend. Read it over and over. Teach it to your children. Remember it when you get discouraged. Discuss Fly Into the Sun within your readers group or Bible Study.  

  Andrew Mealey is a poetry consultant to Christian denominations. He provides poetry for retreats, worship services, and individual ministries. He has been writing poetry for over 40 years and designs effective verse for diverse topics and current events. Hosting the Barnes & Noble Poetry Group in Burbank, poetry workshops, and being the lay-leader of The Living Poets' Society inspires Andrew with fresh material and insight. A member of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood and a native resident of Los Angeles, he spends his free time with his wife and six children.


themes include:

poetry styles:

Encouragment and Comfort
Love themes
Fun and Silliness
Friendliness and Kindness
Spiritual Warfare
Mercy and Truth

Hiaku and Hiaku Poems
Poems with Rhyme
Free Verse
Varied Length


1998-1999 Andrew Mealey, All Rights Reserved.


Your smile smiles for me
Holding sweetness without loss
Ice cream for my soul



A branch is swinging.
Sweeping the sunlight sideways.
Our sky star twinkles.



The Lord comes walking.
Glory floods the whole vast earth.
My Lord, walk in me.


God covers the earth.
All rivers lead to the sea.
I'm traveling home.

Pleasant Friend

Tender bird
Open your wings
Show me your heart
And I will open mine.

Tender Friend
Gently touch my face
Softly love me
And sing in my embrace.

The stars in the heavens
Shine warm on your face.
The beauty of evening
Is pure in your eyes.

Pleasant Friend.



Reach your hands, High
And feel the breeze
Between each finger.

Reach up, Higher
Straighten your spine
Hold back your head
Gazing toward heaven,

Reach your life, Up
And feel God's face
Between each finger.

Reach up, Higher.
Welcome His spirit
Hold open your heart
Stretching toward home.

Reach up, Hold Him
And feel heaven's face
Here in your heart.

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