The End Is Not Yet

David Miranda

   Are you sitting on the edge of your seat expecting a sudden rapture or immediate return of Jesus? Do ministries continually ask you for money to help them get the Lord's work done quickly because time is running out? Do you want to escape the fast approaching wrath of God? Are you tired about end-time doomsayers? Jesus told us what would happen, but His Church has misunderstood, forgotten, and sometimes misrepresented His words. Don't let popular book, radio, and TV teachers change the truth of the words of Jesus. Deception and inaccuracy about the time of the end is making the Church of Jesus look silly, stupid, and ridiculous. Not heeding the words of Jesus will precipitate scoffers saying "Where is the promise of His coming" when He doesn't return by the end of the Millennium. All we have to do is believe Jesus.

   The End is not Yet will be a valued resource to give to your Pastor and friends. While this book is primarily directed to Christians its message speaks to anyone about the honesty, and integrity of Jesus. Its truth stands straight up in a time of confusion and compromise.

          Discover what the Bible says about:

               Earthquakes, Wars, Rumors, and birth pangs
               The Failure of the the Apostle Peter
               The Apostle John's Accuracy
               New Age Doomsayers
               Definition of False Prophets
               Events that must Happen Before Jesus Returns
               Dead Theology Becoming Tradition


chapter breakdown

Chapter 1: Forgotten, But Not Lost

Chapter 2: A Time to Walk, a Time to Talk

Chapter 3:  Knocking on Mind's Door

Chapter 4: Spin (Out of) Control

Chapter 5: We Were Blind, But Now We See

Chapter 6: Can God Tell the Truth?

Chapter 7: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Chapter 8: Who's Sleeping in God's Prophetic Bed?

Chapter 9: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Chapter 10: What would Jesus Say?

Chapter 11: When Will "The End" Come, According to Jesus?

Chapter 12: Chapter Name

Chapter 13: Chapter Name

Chapter 14: Chapter Name

Chapter 15: Chapter Name

Appendix A: Appendix Name

Appendix B: Appendix Name

Appendix E: Authors Assumptions


   This book clearly destroys the Myth that Jesus was not told by His Father when He would return.

   Learn how to correctly judge and understand this prophecy of Jesus.

   This book will make you re-think the traditional and popular views of the End Times, and challenge your current paradigms of eschatology. Read what God has said, not what self proclaimed 'experts' have invented.


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